Crowdfunding for the $899 GPD Win Max 2 starts this week

The latest handheld PC from GPD, the biggest name in the market before Valve entered the race with the Steam Deck, is the Win Max 2 and keen buyers can put their money down later this week.

From 7th July crowdfunding on the Win Max 2 will open on Indiegogo with the preview campaign available and viewable right now.

It’s worth noting that GPD uses crowdfunding a bit differently and the money generated by the campaign isn’t really to kickstart the production of the device, instead using it more like a pre-order system.

GPD has gone this route to successfully launch more than a dozen devices already so it’s a proven system at this point.

The base price of the Win Max 2 is $899 (~R14 733) for the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U version with 128GB of storage, going up to $999 (~R16 372) for the Intel Core i7-1260P variant with 1TB of storage.

Handing over more money will net you more storage and more RAM.

The price is obviously a huge sticking point here as the aforementioned Steam Deck costs much less with even the most premium version of Valve’s handheld PC coming in at $649 (~R10 638).

GPD seems to be aware of this with the Steam Deck mentioned by name in the marketing material pointing out that the Win Max 2 is shorter in length, albeit taller, than the competitor with measurements here.

To try and make the case for the Win Max 2 over the Steam Deck it comes with a rather large screen that is 10.1-inches with a 16:10 aspect ratio which we usually see in notebooks. The resolution is rather high at 2560 X 1600 too.

Also seen in notebooks is the full qwerty keyboard complimented by controller-esque gaming buttons and joysticks. There’s also an impressive number of ports on just about every side of the Win Max 2.

Powering all of this is a 67 Wh battery which GPD claims will run the device for three hours of heavy use, six to eight hours of moderate use and 14 hours of light use. All of that of course depends on what you’re actually using it for,

You can see more of the Win Max 2 in the trailer below but we also recommend a hands on preview of the device from YouTube content creator The Phawx who has been covering GPD devices for many years now. The early impressions here seem to be very positive with the latest handheld offering up everything a user could want.


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