Here’s a troubleshooting guide for Monster Hunter Rise

Since the release of the latest Monster Hunter Rise expansion – Sunbreak – various small issues in the game have popped up with a general troubleshooting guide now released by developer and publisher Capcom.

This guide is broken up into two parts, according to the announcement.

The first is a checklist of common steps to first rule out simple issues and errors which may be caused by Steam, your PC or the files on your PC:

“1. Check the game’s system requirements
2. Add the game’s folder and files to your anti-virus program’s exception / exclusion list
3. Give administrator privileges to Steam and the game
4. Update your Video/Graphics Drivers and Windows Operating System
5. Check your graphics driver settings & computer power settings
6. Update DirectX
7. Update your Windows Media Player codecs
8. Verify the game’s cache in Steam.”

If problems persist Capcom points to a discussion thread in the Steam forum which contains the actual, longer guide, which is available here.

The longer guide is basically an extension of the checklist above, with step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish those processes.

What’s interesting here is that the the longer guide was uploaded earlier this year while the shorter one above is new and was published this weekend.

It seems that Capcom is simply rolling out its old content to help players struggling with aspects of Sunbreak.

Looking through the new comments, some posted just minutes ago at the time of writing, players are having several issues in Monster Hunter Rise including controller problems, lag, crashing, disconnection and more.

Unfortunately Capcom itself doesn’t seem to be monitoring any of these comments made under the guide, with Steam users seemingly helping each other where possible.

That being said the official account which uploaded the guide – called simply “Capcom Customer Service” – does have some extra help for users in its bio.

“Official support account for Capcom USA. Send us an e-mail at support[at]capcomp[dot]com for assistance! European users can e-mail feedback[at]capcom[dot]com for all customer support inquiries,” the bio reads.

For those of us outside of the USA and EU, more contact details are listed on the Capcom support website but there’s still regions with no officially listed channels such as the entirety of Africa. For those of us left out it’s probably better to just choose one of the provided addresses and shoot it an email.


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