Fortnite is best place to watch the Rocket League World Championship

While you could watch the Rocket League World Championship like a regular stream on a number of platforms, the most interactive way to do it while earning digital items is inside of Fortnite.

Yes proving once again that Fortnite is more of a digital living world than a simple videogame, the Rocket League tournament is being shown inside of the famous battle royale title. This isn’t just a virtual screen that players can look at, however, as it’s instead its own play mode.

“Before each match, choose the Rocket League team you are going to back, then every time your supported team scores a goal, you’ll gain a power-up on the Rocket League Live island. The more your team scores, the more power-ups for you! Power-ups are granted automatically based on what’s happening in the Rocket League match you’re watching,” the announcement reads.

“Power-ups aren’t the only advantage. Once a Rocket League match ends, the Team Rumble begins and those who selected the winners will automatically start with upgraded weapons. (Note: If you exit the island, your power-ups will reset and you won’t keep the same weapons.)”

As you can see in the header image above there’s also cosmetics to earn by completing associated quests. These are (starting in the top left and going clockwise) the Regal Rocket Glider, Nice Shot! Emoticon, Golden Goal Spray and Rocket League Trophy Back Bling.

As the real focus of this event is Rocket League, there are also some freebies for that game available through a not-so-secret code. Here’s how to get them:

  • “Open up Rocket League (these items are only available inside of Rocket League).
  • Head to ‘Settings’ inside of Rocket League.
  • Select ‘Extras.’
  • Select ‘Redeem Code.’
  • Enter the code ‘RocketLeagueLive.’
  • This code will grant you all of the Rocket League items listed above.” 

The Rocket league World Championship is a multi-day event so if you’ve missed any of it you can still watch parts inside of Fortnite or elsewhere. On 10th and 11th August that is at 11:30 AM ET, and between 12th and 14th August that time moves to 11:00 ET.


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