Final week to apply to UCT R300K postdoc fellowship

The University of Cape Town (UCT) has put out a last minute call for applications to its SDG fellowships, which is closing its intake window on 18th September, leaving hopefuls with less than a week to participate.

The “SDG” part of the fellowship name is for Sustainable Development Goals, which is central to the programme and the focus for those who it will support.

“To explore core aspects for delivery on the SDGs in Africa, UCT hosted the
International Summit on the SDGs in Africa in September 2021. Here we set out to
explore multiple voices and perspectives on situating the SDG focus in Africa and set
out to build a course of action towards their attainment to live on and direct our
research beyond the summit itself,” reads the description for the background of the programme.

“The summit explored seven thematic tracks, cross-cutting the SDGs. Multiple activities and initiatives have carried forward this vision. We realise the extent of these require dedicated support and thus, the idea of a cohort of SDG postdoctoral research fellows (PDRFs) was conceived,” it adds.

Fellowship recipients will work towards several thematic tracks listed here that are connected to SDGs and Agenda 2063, a plan focused on turning Africa into a “global powerhouse” come the titled year.

As shown in the promotional image above the funding level of the programme is R300 000 per year. The initial appointment for successful applicants is for one year with the possibility of two years following this depending on certain factors.

Once the 18th September deadline rolls around the applicants will be screened throughout the remainder of the month going into October. The screenings may continue after this point until the seven positions are filled.

More information about the UCT SDG postdoctoral research fellowships can be found in this online PDF.


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