Funko Pops for as little as R100 for Comic Con Africa 2022

  • Comic Con Africa 2022 will have deals on Funko Pops for R100 and R200. 
  • Exclusive Funko Pops will also be available for a reduced R350. 
  • These deals will also be available online so no one misses out, but stock is limited. 

Funko Pops are still wildly popular and, as with many other conventions, Comic Con Africa 2022 will feature sales on the figures as well as exclusives.

Distributor for Funko Pops in South Africa, GammaTek, has revealed to us through a press release the discounted prices people can expect as well as the desirable exclusives.

Starting with the sales and there will be brackets of R100 and R200. GammaTek has not, unfortunately, revealed which specific figures will be available at this price.

What has been revealed are the exclusives. Comic Con Africa 2022 will receive 14 of them which you can look through in our gallery below.

Those who follow Funko Pops in South Africa closely may be have already seen these as they were revealed on Twitter by the company. What we can report on today, however, is that the price of the exclusives has been reduced. Previously the exclusives were priced between R400 and R350, but GammaTek has now brought down the price of the entire exclusives range to a flat R350.

What may be even more exciting than lower prices is the fact that more people will have access to these offers. This is because the sale and the exclusives won’t just be in person at Comic Con Africa, but also online.

The online store can be found here and it will be open much like the convention between 22nd and 25th September.

While this does theoretically mean greater access to these products at these prices, it is stressed that stock is still limited and it’s a first come, first served system both in person and online.

For those who will be attending Comic Con Africa 2022, head to stand E601.


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