Gundam Evolution launch: this month for PC, November for console

Six versus six multiplayer FPS Gundam Evolution has been given a release date with different launches for PC and console.

PC will receive the game come 21st September, according to official announcements on places like Twitter and the announcement trailer below. That being said the official website for the game instead lists 22nd September, but this is likely due to time zones and a slight delay for the launch of the online services.

“With the PC version’s service launch date set, the official website has been updated to match Season 1, the game’s momentous first season. Moving forward, we will be posting new information on various social media as we approach going live. Look forward to it,” an announcement reads. 

Consoles can look forward to the game come 30th November. Players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S can get in on the action, but again, there is a delay of one day to 1st December for the launch of live services.

Gundam Evolution had several network tests where members of the public could try the game before release and the reception has been overall positive so far. Only time will tell if reception to the full release will be similarly successful.

Another Gundam game just launched recently in the form of SD Gundam Battle Alliance. While it’s still receiving updates, it had a mixed reception at launch and failed to make much of an impact. This has left some cold on the Gundam front which may affect this new endeavour.

Another obstacle may be Overwatch 2, which is also launching on 4th October, quite close to the PC version of Gundam Evolution. Given that both games are “hero”-based shooters it will be interesting to see if either cannibalises sales from the other, as the Overwatch brand isn’t the juggernaut it used to be.


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