Here’s a guide for the Unisa October/November 2022 exams

With September coming to an end this weekend students at the University of South Africa (Unisa) should look towards the near future when the October / November 2022 exams kick off.

Over the course of the pandemic the university, like many others, moved towards hosting more exams online. It’s a common misconception that Unisa, known for its distance education, already did its exams in this way, but the move only happened due to COVID-19.

In the past exams at the university were written in person with paper but that has changed over the years and Unisa is also continually changing how this system works, with a big shift happening just a few days ago when it comes to more stringent invigilation.

With all this in mind the university has been trying to keep students cognisant of how the exams are taking place and how best to prepare, which has been boiled down into a new step-by-step guide which you can find, in full, below.

It’s quite a bit of text and we applaud Unisa for covering just about all the bases. Even for students who have already written a few exams at the university, we still recommend reading through all of this carefully should something have changed since you last wrote.

  1. It is important that you know ahead of time when your module is written by accessing your examination timetable.
  2. All your examinations question papers will be available on the myExams platform. Test your access prior to the sitting of the examination by clicking on your module code on the day of your examination. To access your examination question paper or multiple-choice questions visit the myExams platform.
  3. It’s equally important to determine the proctoring tool that will be utilised for your examination by following the proctoring tool link and inserting your module code.
  4. Adequately prepare yourself by watching training videos and reading through navigation guidelines.  Visit the invigilation section on the Essential tips for online examinations webpage. Students are advised to download and register on the Invigilator App a day prior to their examinations.
  5. Attend training on the Training schedule and practice both your file-upload/take-home examination and MCQ/Quiz examination by partaking in the mock examination on ADOVH001.
  6. Read the October/November 2022 online examination rules  thoroughly to familiarise yourself with the Do’s and Don’ts prior to your examination sitting.
  7. The following resources are made available to assist with your preparations of your online examinations on the Essential tips for online examinations webpage.
    1. Student guidelines on online assessment on myExams
    2. Training videos and student guidelines for navigating on Invigilation tools
    3. Training videos for online examinations navigation
    4. Other technical resources
  8. If you have password problems, refer to the link for password reset guidelines: Procedure to reset your myUnisa password.
  9. Students are reminded that the University have a zero tolerance for plagiarism and cheating during online examinations. Please refer to our policies and procedures:
    1. Plagiarism during the examinations
    2. Unisa students – Take action against contract cheating
    3. Unisa has a zero tolerance for any form of dishonesty or cheating activity related to exams
  10. Access to a reliable desktop/laptop/mobile with a stable internet connection and camera is essential. Students should make use of their mobile browsers and not the Unisa myModules app.
  11. If utilising your cellphone to respond to your MCQ/Quiz examination, update your cellphone operating system before commencing your exam. Also, clear the cache and cookies memory before starting your exam.
  12. Be prepared for your online examinations against planned loadshedding schedules.
  13. Students experiencing technical challenges should contact the SCSC on 080 000 1870 or via e-mail or refer to the Get- Help resource for the list of additional contact numbers. Communication received from your myLife account will be considered.

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