New Fitbit devices must be linked to Google accounts from next year

  • Any new Fitbit devices purchased from next year will require a Google account to set up.
  • Fitbit account support will officially end in 2025.
  • Health data will still remain separate from what Google shares with advertisers, Fitbit explained.

When Google completed its acquisition of Fitbit in early 2021, it was unclear what changes would come about as a result. As it turns out, it looks like Fitbit accounts will soon be a thing of the past as devices will soon need to be linked to a Google account instead.

This news comes via 9to5Google, which spotted the upcoming changes in a Fitbit help page. Why these changes have not been officially communicated to customers and instead embedded in a difficult to find help page is unclear, but from next year if you purchase a new device, you will need to set it up via a Google account.

“After we launch Google accounts on Fitbit in 2023, some uses of Fitbit will require a Google account, including to sign up for Fitbit or activate newly released Fitbit devices and features,” the aforementioned help page explains.

Those who already own Fitbit devices or make use of a Fitbit account will also need to think about switching to Google in the coming years, with support set to end for the former in 2025.

“If you have a Fitbit account, after the launch of Google accounts on Fitbit, you’ll have the option to move Fitbit to your Google account or to continue to use your existing Fitbit devices and services with your Fitbit account for as long as it’s supported. Support of Fitbit accounts will continue until at least early 2025. After support of Fitbit accounts ends, a Google account will be required to use Fitbit,” the help page adds.

Another element to note is data sharing, with Fitbit making specific mention of the fact that Google will not share sensitive health data with advertisers. That said, some data captured will be accessible to other Google services, like its Assistant.

“Currently, all customers log in to Fitbit with a Fitbit account, and so your Fitbit data syncs to your Fitbit account, not to a Google account. However, you may still choose to transfer some Fitbit data to Google in limited cases, like if you use Fitbit with a Google service. For example, you may authorize Google Assistant to provide your Fitbit activity, like your step count and calories burned,” the help page clarifies.


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