New Nintendo Direct, same lack of information

Well it’s that time again: a new Nintendo Direct will be streaming later today and you can tune in live for a bevvy of mysterious content.

All we know, officially, about this one is that it will be around 40 minutes long and focus on games launching on the Nintendo Switch “this Winter”.

For those of us in parts of the world where we use the months to mark the passage of time, this likely means the US Winter which likely means right near the end of the year and possibly spilling into 2023.

We also know the time and the place: 16:00 local time here in South Africa and you can watch the Nintendo Direct, well, directly on YouTube in the embed below.

While it is available on other platforms this one is likely the best given the smooth local performance of YouTube and the fact that you can set yourself a reminder on the platform right from YouTube.

So, speculation time. There’s a lot of rumours – or at least desperate pleas – for announcements on places like Twitter and Reddit. There’s talk of a Breath of the Wild 2 release date announcement, anything to improve Nintendo Switch Online, an update on the Advance Wars reboot delay and more.

And, as always, nothing involving announcements from Nintendo would be complete without fans asking for Mother 3 localisation on the Switch.

Reading between the lines of the phrase “mostly focused on Nintendo Switch games” could mean third party content or non-software products such as amiibo or Labo. It’s been a while since anything was done with Labo so that would be a real surprise.

We don’t have any inside information to share, unfortunately, but we would wager that something will be mentioned about the recently-released Splatoon 3. It sold 3.45 million units in its first three days, in Japan alone. We’re sure to see some mention of the game’s success and / or the short term plans for the title, especially around multiplayer.


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