Play pirate dress up in the Style of Thieves contest

For those who enjoy dressing up your digital characters, Sea of Thieves has a new community event worth checking out called Style of Thieves. 

The first Style of Thieves Seasonal competition was announced all the way back in May but it’s finally kicking off this month starting next week with developer Rare now revealing the specifics of how it will work. 

Rare states that the contest takes place in three phases: the announcement of the theme, the submission of entries and finally the voting. 

The four themes and their associated dates are as follows: 

  • Captaincy
    • Entry date: 20th September 
    • Voting date: 27th September 
  • Gold
    • Entry date: 21st September 
    • Voting date: 28th September 
  • Spooky Season
    • Entry date: 22nd September 
    • Voting date: 29th September 
  • Cosplay
    • Entry date: 23rd September 
    • Voting date: 30th September.” 

With the themes above players can capture their screenshots and share them online by tagging @SeaOfThieves using #StyleOfThieves through TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

The game’s official Discord server will also have a channel dedicated to the contest where entries can be published. Regardless of where entrants participate the name of the theme associated with the entry needs to be included. 

Rare will create a shortlist of the entries and then, on the aforementioned voting date, share them on Twitter for the public to vote on the winners.

Finally let’s talk about the prize as, if we’re honest, it’s a bit underwhelming.

“We’ll announce the winners both on our social platforms and right here in an update to this article. Up for grabs are the Fashionista’s Finery Gloves, a must-have accoutrement for any model marauder! We will award three winners per theme, for a total of 12 pairs of gloves handed out per contest,” the announcement reads. 

You can get a closer look at the blue gloves with gold star detailing in the header image above.

They don’t look particularly special, but we have to assume that those still playing Sea of Thieves are veteran pirates who will covet these prizes to flex on other players, which gives these gloves their own special value. 


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