This robot Buzz Lightyear is a ‘living collectible’

Robotics company Robosen became an overnight sensation when it partnered with Hasbro to create a version of Optimus Prime that actually transforms itself finally realising a toy that people have been dreaming about since the 80s. Now the company is back in the spotlight, working with Disney / Pixar for a special version of Buzz Lightyear.

As you may have expected this is a robotics product like Optimus Prime, packed with electronics to make it move and more. There are 23 servo motors inside of Buzz which allow for movement of most of the body.

Watching the aforementioned trailer below shows some impressive movement from the toy but we have to shatter some hopes: this figure does not walk. The trailer is a bit misleading here showing a walk cycle, but if you look closely this is done with a stand holding the figure off of the ground.

There’s more features too with a promised 200 sounds and actions which can be activated with an app or by voice command. Custom movements can also be programmed in too.

All of this is packed into a figure which is 16.5 inches tall. While inches are the standard for sizing up collectibles, that’s 41.91 centimetres for everyone outside of America.

The outside of the figure is promised by the company to be of a premium quality too so it looks equally good standing still as it does moving around.

Robosen has titled this Buzz Lightyear a “living collectible” which is an apt descriptor for such a unique product.

Now for the talk of price. To get your own living collectible you will need to pay the following prices:

  • Deposit: $99
  • Infinity Pack Limited Edition: $999 | Early bird: $749
  • Base model Space Ranger Alpha: $799 | Early bird: $649

Pre-orders are open now with the dedicated page with more information about the product can be found here along with a timeline for production and delivery. The cheaper early bird pricing ends on 12th November, all pre-orders end on 12th December and final payments must be made by Q2 2023. Shipments will then begin in Q3 2023.

The difference between the two purchasing can be found in a table below with the biggest being the XL-15 Jetpack and Laser Gauntlet which are only available in the Infinity Pack. These are two big parts of the Buzz Lightyear identity so it’s a shame that they’re locked away at a higher price.

That being said the option for a cheaper version is nice, though hopefully the Infinity Pack isn’t too limited for those who want to get it in the future.

For 99 percent of us who can’t justify this purchase, no matter how cool it is, Robosen has announced that it will be giving away a Buzz Lightyear on Instagram. At the time of writing however, that contest hasn’t gone live yet.


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