Warning from Nedbank: ‘keep your money safe from thieves’

Nedbank customers who have logged into online banking over the last day or so have been greeted by a message from the bank with steps to keep their accounts safe.

This is labelled as an “important notice” under the campaign name of “keep your money safe from thieves”.

The tips provided from Nedbank can be read below –

  1. “Never change your Nedbank ID username and password to one that someone else has given you over the phone. If they know your Nedbank ID username and password, they can access your bank account.
  2. Never share your Nedbank ID username and password or card PIN with anyone over the phone, or enter it on a webpage you accessed through a link in an email or SMS.
  3. Always read your Approve-it messages carefully. Make sure the transaction details are correct. Reject any transactions you did not make and call us on 0800 110 929.
  4. Always report your lost or stolen cellphone to Nedbank on 0800 110 929 immediately so we can block the Money app on the device.”

Nedbank customers know that these safety campaigns are a common sight on internet banking, and while we would usually praise any company trying to teach cybersecurity, we’re not fans of the implementation here combined with wording that puts the onus on customers.

“By selecting I acknowledge, you confirm that you have read and understand this fraud prevention message, and that if you do not follow these precautions or if there is negligence on your part, you may be liable for any incurred losses. For more information call 0800 555 111 or visit and select Fraud awareness at the bottom of your screen,” the notice reads.

That fraud awareness page can be found here.

Nedbank, like all financial institutions, charges their customers for fraud protection so we’re not sure how that meshes with this notice that not heeding the four steps above is tantamount to negligence, especially when some customers may not be computer literate leading to these instructions being lost on them.


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