Wiglett is the unsettling new addition to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

  • Wiglett is a new water type Pokémon that will appear in the upcoming mainline games. 
  • It seems to be a new form for the generation one Pokémon Diglett, but has been explicitly stated to be unrelated. 
  • Despite the short trailer, extra information has been revealed elsewhere. 

Over the past few days you may have seen the above white creature on your timeline and the name Wiglett thrown around. This is not a fan concept or some creature from another game, but instead an official new Pokémon.

Wiglett was shown off in a Japanese-only stream which is why the rest of the world was a bit unclear of its origin. Now we have an official reveal trailer in English (see below) which shows that this new Pokémon in the ocean and its relation to Diglett.

You may think that Wiglett is a new regional form for Diglett, a concept that these games have been using for many years now to redesign existing Pokémon for new regions. This isn’t the case this time around as Pokémon fan site Serebii reports from the stream that Wiglett is an entirely separate entity.

We’re a bit confused by this stance from developer Game Freak, especially as Diglett features prominently in this reveal trailer and the two Pokémon share so many design similarities.

“Dive in with Wiglett, the Garden Eel Pokémon. It may look like Diglett, but it’s a completely different species of Pokémon. Wiglett pokes a part of its body out of the sand to feed in the ocean,” reads the official description from

Serebii provides us with more information, such as the water typing and access to two abilities in Gooey and Rattled. Both of these are existing abilities but Gooey was, before this, exclusive to Goomy and its evolutions.

We also know Wiglett’s height of 3’11”, which is 119.38 centimetres. We would have thought it would be longer given all the stretching that it does in the trailer, but Pokémon height measurements have never been hard rules and the unrelated Diglett is infamous for its hidden body under the ground.

As usual for new Pokémon the internet has been creating fan art which you can find on places like Twitter. We’re interested in the internet’s takes on its possible evolution, but then again thinking of what it may look like fills us with dread.


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