htxt.africast – Google Cloud hits the African continent

As the heat continues to rise on the highveld and we wait for rain to land, the africast is back this week to discuss another landing of sorts – Google Cloud.

Before we delve into that, we have a roundup of news to discuss, along with introducing the newest member to our team, Luis Monzon.

The big news stories this week include an ICT Skills Survey from Wits’ JCSE and IITPSA, which highlights the fact that more employers are looking overseas when it comes to hiring. Added to this are the continuing struggles as far as recent ICT graduates getting hired locally, with the unemployment woes of the country not leaving this industry immune.

We also touch on FNB and its design overhaul, which features a new divisive logo, reworked mobile app and website. The financial institution has rolled out some new services too, such as its Speedee app designed for SMEs to handle mobile payments, as it continues to push with its fintech ambitions.

The last piece of news revolves around the failure to launch of Overwatch 2. While the sequel title officially made its debut on 4th October, it has been plagued with issues. These range from suffering two crippling DDoS attacks at launch, as well as ailing servers that have resulted in massive queues for people to play the game.

As for our main topic, South Africa has been chosen as the first location for a Google Cloud region on the African continent. The region is expected to be live sometime next year, with it set to create four interconnected sites across Africa and link up the tech hubs on the continent.

With it set to boost GDP, connectivity and a host of different digital services, the arrival of Google Cloud brings more choice than ever to local businesses as the three big hyperscalers are set to be available in SA.

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