htxt.africast – Thoughts on Netflix’s new ad play

This week the africast is back amid the sweltering heat on the highveld to discuss the launch of the new Basic with Adverts tier from Netflix.

It is set to launch in a dozen countries in the coming weeks, but is it a worthwhile play from the streaming platform?

Before we unpack that, we roundup some of the most intriguing news stories of the week. Starting with a newly released ranking of universities across the globe, 1 799 to be precise, with UCT being the highest ranking from South Africa.

Next is the latest Meta Connect event, which saw avatars with legs and more importantly a new VR headset in the form of the Meta Quest Pro. At a pricey $1 499 (~R27 320), the Quest Pro is one of the most expensive offerings on the market, which makes us question who will actually buy it.

Lastly in news we discuss a recent case in the Netherlands where an employee was awarded €75 000 after he took his employer to court for trying to force him to be monitored by his webcam. The Dutch court called it a violation of human rights and we tend to agree.

As for the meat and potatoes, we discuss the new Basic with Adverts tier from Netflix. With it being limited in terms of visual quality, an inability to download content, as well as missing some shows/movies thanks to licensing, we are struggling to see the value from the streaming platform.

While we await its local release, it seems like Netflix is scrambling to find new ideas to keep revenue coming in.

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