Skyrim on Switch: Game crashes when using this popular feature

  • A new version of Skyrim has been released on the Nintendo Switch, but some players aren’t happy.
  • The highly requested Survival Mode causes a crash to the game when a certain state is reached.
  • Players should think carefully before purchasing this latest Switch port of the game.

Multiple users on social media are reporting that the latest Nintendo Switch port of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Anniversary Edition version – causes a game crash state when players use the Survival Mode feature and they receive a “You are freezing” message.

Players of Skyrim on the Switch were surprised with the release of the Anniversary Edition of the game to the console in the final days of September 2022.

This complete edition of the 11-year-old video game comes with enormous amounts of extra content, including nearly 80 new player-created items from publisher Bethesda’s Creation Club, as well as new quests, new areas, dungeons, monsters and characters.

Most importantly for many Switch players, the Anniversary Edition comes with new gameplay modes like the highly anticipated Survival Mode. Switch players were either able to upgrade their base editions of the game to the Anniversary Edition for $19.99 (~R350) or buy the new edition for the steep price of $69.99 (~R1 242) from the Nintendo Store.

Check out the crash in action in the Tweet below:

Skyrim Survival Mode

The Survival Mode is a hardcore roleplaying-oriented feature that adds real-life statistics like thirst, fatigue and hunger to the game.

It also makes travelling through the frigid regions of Skyrim more inhospitable where being in a blizzard will damage your character’s health. Players have to strategically think about their equipment and items when embarking on even the simplest of quests.

Switch Skyrim players have been requesting the feature to be added for many years now and many reacted to the news with excitement.

However, when players use the mode on Switch and their character’s temperature drops below 50 percent their games crash. It is not yet known why this bug is occurring, but Skyrim doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to game-breaking issues. It seems this latest Switch version is not excluded from this.

The latest Skyrim port on the Switch is a bug-riddled mess

GameRant is warning players from buying this latest edition of Skyrim’s Switch port due to other notable failings in performance, including “terrible” FPS dips as seen in the footage below:

Don’t buy Skyrim Anniversary Edition on Switch. Frame rate drops terribly.
byu/fmo94 inNintendoSwitch

Many players are claiming that the previous edition of the game on Switch runs “just fine” and these new performance issues are a product of the recent upgrade. It seems the community has come up in arms over the buggy release and its $69.99 (~R1 242) price tag.

Hopefully, Bethesda can patch these issues soon, but players are advised to not hold their breath and hold their wallets instead.


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