Cyberpunk 2077 mission ‘Error 404’ is no longer missing

  • Cyberpunk 2077 has been updated to Patch 1.61 which fixes a variety of issues. 
  • One ironic fix is the return of the mission called ‘Error 404’ which was missing for some players. 
  • Another notable fix is breasts clipping through clothes. 

Cyberpunk 2077 continues to receive patches and fixes as we approach two years since its release, with the latest being Patch 1.61.

You can read the full patch notes right here, we have to point out our favourite of the bunch in a fix for one of the Gigs. For those who haven’t played the game in a while, a “Gig” is simply what the game calls its quests.

“Gig: Error 404 – fixed an issue where the gig didn’t trigger after approaching the area,” the patch notes read.

This is rather funny as a 404 error online usually means that a page or website is not found when trying to access it. The fact that a mission called Error 404 was inaccessible for some players is right on brand for some meta-humour, as well as the generally broken nature of Cyberpunk 2077 that many people know it for.

While our header image is a modified version of the Google 404 error page, those wondering what a real Cyberpunk 2077 404 page looks like can simply see below.

It’s a rather bland image of V, the message “error_404” and a button to click to be taken back to the home page.

While we appreciate the use of an underscore, because it always makes any piece of text seem more “techy”, we were kind of hoping for something more elaborate considering the game in question here. Oh well.

Another fix that you’ll see making headlines today is under the visual fixes section of Patch 1.61.

“Fixed the issue where V’s breasts clipped through clothes after changing their size at a Ripperdoc,” the notes read.

There’s not much more to add here other than the fact that stuff like this is usually used to get clicks so if you wonder why there are so many horny news articles, YouTube thumbnails and more over the next few days, this is why.

While these two issues are fixes of existing content, Patch 1.61 has added some new elements to the game.

“Night City NPCs will now carry umbrellas in various colours and shapes,” the patch notes continue.

While this is ultimately a small change, we still like to see it. Tiny features like this go a long way towards making a game world more immersive and, of course, the entire cyberpunk genre prides itself on setting a techno-dystopian world against a lot of rain.

These are just some of the numerous changes for Patch 1.61 with other inclusions being AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1, menu FPS drop problems on PC, Cross Progression issues on console and more.

Again the full patch notes can be read here.


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