How to get a ‘Louis Vuitton’ bag in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

With character customisation returning in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet there’s once again many options for players to choose how they look in this latest entry of the franchise, but for those who want something on the premium side there’s only one choice: a backpack that is clearly designed to look like something from Louis Vuitton.

As you can see in the images on this page, Game Freak has taken the classic look of small icons against a brown background complete with gold accents which is clearly inspired by Louis Vuitton.

This isn’t some official crossover, just a sly nod to the famous clothing and accessories brand.

Luckily this backpack is accessible rather early in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but it comes with an appropriately high in-game price, so you may not be able to afford it when you find it.

We’ll have some suggestions to cover the cost later, but here’s how to get it:

  • Go to Levincia on the East side of the map,
  • Locate the Veracidad store in the South side of the city,
  • Navigate to the Bag area of the shop menu,
  • Choose the Leather Backpack in the brown colour,
  • Pay for the purchase with 50 000 cash or 50 000 League Points.

Those struggling to find the Veracidad store can bring up the map with the Y button, and then zoom in with the right stick. At the closest zoom level icons will appear showing you where the stores are. Clothing stores are represented by an icon of a T-shirt, and you can hover over said icons to see the names of the individual locations.

While the brown option is closest to what a real Louis Vuitton product looks like, there are several other colourways available. These are: white, black, caramel, black/white, white/black, brown/white, caramel/white, red and blue. All ten options cost the same and the colour changes only apply to the “leather” part of the backpack, with the gold trim retained between them.

If you find yourself low on cash or League Points to afford this backpack, there are several easy ways to afford it even if you haven’t been doing too much exploring just yet.

For cash head on over to the Treasures section in your bag to find valuables that you can sell for a lot of money. Items like Nuggets and Pearls are actually rather common and are awarded for a number of tasks that you may have already done. See if you don’t already have some of these that you can sell off.

As for League Points these are awarded rather generously for several activities, but we found the easiest way to harvest them is to simply interact with Tera Raid Dens. You don’t have to actually participate in Tera Raid Battles, just discover them on the map by walking up to them and interacting. Doing so will award you decent amount of League Points on the spot and the dens are easy to find thanks to the bright beams of light that shoot into the sky.


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