The best deals on toys: Black Friday in South Africa 2022

Black Friday has come around once again and South Africans can find deals on just about anything if they look hard enough, but we have some help for those wanting toys.

We’ve compiled the best deals from toy stores, and shops that sell toys, which you can make use of.

This is likely the best way to stock up on toys for kids and adults alike for the holiday season and the new year.

Below find the details of most of the notable toy stores in South Africa, as well as details (and links to) what they have on offer for Black Friday.

We’ve bought from each of these stores at least once and can attest to their service, which is important to remember as no name companies usually spring up this time of the year to try and con shoppers out of their money.

The list below only contains reputable stores which are below in alphabetical order.

Our final bit of advice here is that, before you buy anything, check across all stores to see who has the best price and also factor in the cost of shipping. Unfortunately several stores here have poor online portals and require physical visits to branches, making comparisons difficult.

Great Yellow Brick | LEGO Certified Stores

  • Store link:
  • Black Friday: Many desirable LEGO sets are on sale for their cheapest prices so far. Click here to see them all. There’s also double VIP points for the Brick Rewards Program and a free set – 40579: Eiffel’s Apartment – for every purchase over R2 000.


Import A Toy


  • Store link:
  • Black Friday: 20 percent off of absolutely everything that the store sells, free shipping on orders over R750 and free collection at physical stores.

Pops Toys

  • Store link:
  • Black Friday: Claimed up to 50 percent off (click here) plus special bundles on toys not available before.


  • Store link:
  • Black Friday: Another Blue Dot Sale is being used for Black Friday on Takealot (click here). There doesn’t seem to be any particular standouts, so we recommend going into the sale and sorting by brands to find deals on families of products.

Toy Kingdom

Toys r US


  • Store link:
  • Black Friday: A very scattered affair. Not only will you need to trawl through Toyzone’s Twitter account to find adverts for its Black Friday offerings, but you will then also need to physically go into stores to get them. The reward for this, however, is a lot of decent sales on most toy brands.

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