These are the winners from the 2022 App Store Awards

  • The App Store has had to deal with a lot in 2022, particularly as it pertains to allowing third-party payment options. 
  • Still the marketplace is a solid barometer of the apps and games that people across the world enjoy and use day-to-day.
  • With that in mind, Apple revealed the 2022 winners of its annual App Store Awards this week.

This year the App Store has proved a divisive marketplace, especially when it relates to third-party payment options. With developers and regulators alike taking Apple to task over this, the platform is still an important barometer for people who use apps and games day-to-day.

With that in mind, this week Apple revealed the 2022 winners of its App Store Awards, highlighting the apps and games that won people over throughout the year. Apple also noted that true engagement was a key consideration for the apps and games chosen this year.

“Apple today announced the winners of the 2022 App Store Awards, spotlighting 16 apps and games that inspired users to engage more deeply with the world, expand their imaginations, and stay connected to friends and loved ones. This year’s winners represent a diverse community of developers from around the world,” the company explained in a press release.

Perhaps unsurprisingly BeReal won the iPhone app of the year, with the application existing in the 2022 zeitgeist for some time, not to mention some of its features being emulated by other social media apps that have existed on the market for a while now.

One of the other notable award winners was Apex Legends Mobile for iPhone game of the year. Given the fervour around Call of Duty Mobile of late, it would not be a surprise if that wins next year, but we will have to wait to see.

The winners for the main categories in the App Store Awards were:


  • iPhone App of the Year: BeReal, from BeReal.
  • iPad App of the Year: GoodNotes 5, from Time Base Technology Limited.
  • Mac App of the Year: MacFamilyTree 10, from Synium Software GmbH.
  • Apple TV App of the Year: ViX, from TelevisaUnivision Interactive, Inc.
  • Apple Watch App of the Year: Gentler Streak, from Gentler Stories LLC.


Cultural Impact Winners

You can visit the App Store to find out more about this year’s winning apps and games.


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