Top executives at Twitter have resigned as chaos descends

  • Twitter’s chief information security officer has resigned.
  • In addition, chief privacy officer, head of integrity and safety, as well as the chief compliance officer have resigned.
  • The Federal Trade Commission has noted that it is concerned about the developments at Twitter.

As it gets harder and harder to look away from the train wreck that Twitter is becoming, top executives at the firm have reportedly left and there are mounting concerns about the social media platform’s future.

Following mass layoffs last week, CNN now reports that chief information security officer Lea Kissner has resigned.

“I’ve made the hard decision to leave Twitter. I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing people and I’m so proud of the privacy, security, and IT teams and the work we’ve done,” they tweeted.

According to CNN, Kissner’s resignation followed that of other top leaders at Twitter including chief privacy officer Damien Kieran.

The CISO is not the only person leaving, head of integrity and safety at Twitter Yoel Roth has also reportedly vacated their position. This is alarming as Roth has been very vocal about how Twitter has become better under Musk’s leadership. Reports also allege that chief compliance officer Marianne Fogarty has resigned as well.

These departures have not gone unnoticed and the Federal Trade Commission has acknowledged it’s watching the situation unfold.

“We are tracking recent developments at Twitter with deep concern,” director of public affairs at the FTC, Douglas Farrar told BBC.

The reason the FTC is looking at these resignations is actually rather important. In May Twitter paid a fine to settle allegations it had used user data illegally to sell advertising. Alongside this fine Twitter had to implement new privacy and safety measures that were to be overseen by a team of executives. It appears that those executives have now all started leaving the firm.

This is not even taking into account the executives Musk fired when he took over as owner at Twitter including former chief executive officer Parag Agrawal.

With executives leaving and advertisers hitting pause, we have to wonder what the future of the platform will be. Musk seems fixated on the idea that a subscription fee will fix Twitter’s problems.

Maybe Twitter Blue can help address some problems, but Musk needs to insure that his leadership team is behind him. Right now though, it’s looking like Musk is about to become Twitter’s chief everything officer and that’s very concerning.

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