Eskom pushes the country to Stage 6 loadshedding

  • This week goes from bad to worse for South Africans as overnight breakdowns see Eskom implement Stage 6 loadshedding. 
  • It will be implemented at short notice from 12:00 today until further notice.
  • A full statement is on the way, but South Africans need to brace themselves for even harder times ahead.

At very short notice, Eskom has tweeted out from its official account that Stage 6 loadshedding will be implemented from 12:00 today. This comes after weeks of mixed loadshedding levels, with this latest raise being the highest in quite some time.

There is said to be a full statement on the way, but at the time of writing, Eskom has put the Sage 6 loadshedding down to multiple unexpected breakdowns overnight.

“Stage 6 loadshedding will be implemented from 12:00 until further notice. This is due to a high number of breakdowns since midnight, as well as the requirement to strictly preserve the remaining emergency generation reserves. Eskom will publish a full statement in due course,” the power utility said in its tweet.

While we await a full statement, the announcement of Stage 6 now comes on the same day that we calculated that the recent 50 million litres of diesel Eskom received would run out. That said, the power utility has not indicated a lack of fuel as the reason, although Stage 6 loadshedding will likely put a strain on any remaining reserves.

With 2022 being the worst year for loadshedding the country has seen, and the festive period around the corner, South Africans are set to receive another gut punch.

As always, to stay up-to-date with any changes in loadshedding, as well as keep tabs on your suburb, we advise downloading the EskomSePush app.

[Image – Photo by Arno Senoner on Unsplash]


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