Fortnite’s MrBeast event could earn one player $1mil

  • Jimmy Donaldson better known as MrBeast is now in Fortnite’s metaverse.
  • The YouTuber is hosting the MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge this weekend with a $1 million prize for the winner.
  • Alongside this challenge, there are several MrBeast cosmetics available for purchase.

Had a graphical overhaul not been enough to get you to consider jumping into Fortnite, how does potentially winning $1 million strike you?

The battle royale game which has been crossing over with everything from other games to movies and even real people has now introduced Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson into its metaverse.

YouTuber Donaldson who has become widely known for giving away money in bizarre challenges and for philanthropic efforts is now in Fortnite and will be hosting a challenge this weekend. In that challenge, one player could win $1 million.

The aptly named MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge goes live on 17th December for three hours between 19:00 and 22:00 local time.

“In this MrBeast-inspired experience, avoid hazards, collect coins, and survive extreme challenges to earn ‘Score.’ Earn as much Score as you can before time runs out in the match,” reads a blog on the Fortnite website.

Players can run this challenge through as many times as they wish so long as it takes place during the time period outlined above. When the challenge concludes the best Score from a player’s time will be used to determine their placement. The player with the highest Score wins $1 million.

However, players can actually access the challenge ahead of time to practice. The island hosting this challenge is now live so get practising.

In order to participate you will need to have multi-factor authentication enabled as well as have your Epic account verified. In addition, your account level must be at least 15.

For those who don’t win the million, the top 100 000 players will receive the golden Beast Brella Umbrella.

Epic Games has also launched two MrBeast-inspired outfits if you want to emulate the YouTuber in-game.

Just last month Donaldson became the most subscribed channel on YouTube surpassing Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg who had previously held that title. As of time of writing, Donaldson’s channel has 119 million subscribers compared to Kjellberg’s 111 million subscribers.

Circling back to the challenge, we urge you to read the terms and conditions here, from what we can tell South Africans can take part in this challenge so jump into Fortnite and start practicing.


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