24th February 2024 10:50 am
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Huawei makes its Power-M digital power system available to SA households

  • Huawei has officially made its Power-M systems available to South African homeowners.
  • The company says this system can be integrated into existing solar/generator setups, as well as plugged into the grid.
  • Huawei is not selling this directly to the public, but instead making use of its local partner network.

Last night Huawei held an event to mark the launch of its latest flagship phone – the Mate 50 Pro. While the new device got much of the attention, Huawei also made an announcement pertinent to the country’s ongoing energy woes, as it is now making its Power-M systems available to South African households.

The company is not new to the digital backup power game locally, having made its solutions available to commercial and enterprise customers in recent years, but with continuous loadshedding set to be a fixture for the next 18 months at least, homeowners need solutions too.

“With soaring fuel prices, loadshedding and high prices of grid electricity, and the need for low carbon energy solutions, it is more important than ever to help South Africans find a reliable energy solution. The Power-M is all of this and more,” highlighted Nick Lusson, VP of Huawei Digital Power Eastern Africa Region, who presented on the night.

The Power-M system features a modular, integrated design, allowing users to scale up as needed, as well as getting it installed relatively quickly, as Huawqei estimates that it should take around two hours to setup in your home.

“It can seamlessly switch between the grid, battery power, diesel gensets, and solar power. The capacity of each battery is 5kWh, but the design allows the system to be configured with up to six batteries, giving a maximum capacity of 45kWh,” added Huawei in a press release sent to Hypertext.

“The Power-M can be installed as a power backup without solar panels, which can be added whenever needed. It also has the flexibility to add new batteries without sacrificing performance. It is beautiful, easy and quick to install and use. It is strong enough for even the worst grid conditions. It is suitable for apartments, and houses of varying sizes,” continued Lusson.

Huawei will not be selling this system directly to the public, but will instead make use of its local partner network, including channel operators like Mustek and retailers like Leroy Merlin.

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