HUAWEI Ads is now Petal Ads

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We are excited to announce the next chapter for HUAWEI Ads platform. Starting in December, HUAWEI Ads will become Petal Ads. Since 2017, we have worked closely with advertising, media and publishing partners to create an expansive ads ecosystem. 

Together, we have grown HUAWEI Ads into a vibrant marketplace with 4 billion daily ad requests and integrated over 360,000 global publishers.

We are proud of how the platform has grown and evolved to serve customers beyond HUAWEI devices. We feel now is the right time to reflect the growth of the ecosystem and begin a new era as Petal Ads. We’d like to thank all our partners for their valuable support and look forward to growing the platform together in 2023.

Petal Ads: building a platform for growth and sustainability

Innovation is part of the DNA of all Petal products. Over the last few years, services such as Petal Search, Petal Maps and Petal Clip have brought more choice and open capabilities to the European market. We will be taking all of those technical advances in AI powered mobile search, location-based services and creative editing tools to further power the growth of the Petal Ads platform. 

While ‘Petal’ can be seen as strong symbol for growth, it is also a symbol for rejuvenation. We are committed to leading the way in sustainability in digital advertising. By leveraging our learnings in all-scenario products and experiences, we hope to work alongside our partners to build an ecosystem where revenue growth and sustainability go hand in hand. 

2023 will see a new era for Petal Ads 

Today we are surrounded by change. Consumers are shifting the way they search for information online, with mobile virtual assistants playing an increasingly important role in how people and businesses connect. Advances in big data, AR and machine learning are giving advertisers powerful tools to engage their audiences across devices. Through all this innovation and change, protecting the safety and security of our customers and partners remains our top priority. 

Like the petals of a flower, it is only when all sides of the advertising ecosystem come together in perfect harmony, that something special emerges. Our mission for Petal Ads, is to be a connector in a sea of possibility. By working together with media partners, publishers, advertisers, MMPs and Industry bodies, we will continue to bring innovative ad experiences to all smart device users around the world.

Petal Ads is built on 3 core principles:

ChicPoint partners with Petal Ads and boosts its monthly revenue by 40% 

Petal Ads – an advertising marketplace continues to be a driving force in the e-commerce world, proving its capabilities to support online apps and help them achieve their marketing campaign objectives. ChicPoint app is a prime example of the Petal Ads impact and influence in the e-commerce sphere, and is now collaborating with Petal Ads during the upcoming e-commerce marketing season. 

Since the beginning of 2022, Petal Ads has supported ChicPoint to launch campaign across the Gulf region (Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait) utilizing a suite of promotional features on AppGallery, including feature cards, top banner cards and rankings. Through the collaboration, ChicPoint has amplified organic downloads, boosting its monthly revenue by 40 percent, and reduced the app activation cost to less than US$1.

We are excited to take this next step of Petal Ads journey.  We look forward to your continued partnership in exploring new advertising possibilities in 2023 and beyond.


When will this brand name change take effect?

This brand update will be rolled out across the ads interface and marketing materials starting in December 2022.

Will my ad account be affected?

There is no change to the terms of service, billing or invoice process. Any new contracts signed will refer to the product name as ‘Petal Ads’ instead of ‘HUAWEI Ads’.

Does the rebranding have any impact on existing agreements or contracts?

All existing agreements or contracts remain valid after the brand change.

Why has the platform changed its name?

The platform has changed its name to Petal Ads to mark the evolution of platform to go beyond HUAWEI devices, and reflect the growth of ecosystem to integrate over 360 000 global publishers and ad partners.

What should I do if I have more questions?

If you have any additional questions you can contact the Petal Ads team on adsmea[at]huawei[dot]com


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