Tesla will only start mass production of the Cybertruck in 2024

  • Last year Tesla delayed production of the Cybertruck to mid-2023.
  • Now Musk has confirmed another delay, with mass production only expected in 2024.
  • It is now more than three years since the company first revealed the EV.

The wait for the Tesla Cybertruck continues, as it is more than three years since the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer first revealed it in late 2019. Last year, it was delayed for a launch some time in 2023, but in an earnings call with investors this week, Elon Musk confirmed that mass production has been pushed back to 2024.

During the call, Musk was pressed for an update on the Cybertruck, with Musk noting that production should begin in a limited capacity during Summer. Looking at the Northern hemisphere, where Tesla’s factories are located, said production may only begin in June/July of this year.

Musk was also careful to explain that when a new vehicle begins the production process, the initial phase is quite slowly, but does ramp up significantly from there.

“I always try to downplay the start of production. It increases exponentially, but it is very slow at first,” Musk told investors, per The Verge.

While the wait will prove frustrating for EV enthusiasts interested in the angular offering from Tesla, it should also be noted that when the Cybertruck starts shipping to customers, it will likely be for quite a bit more money than a couple of years ago, when it was first planned to be publicly released. How much, however, remains to be seen, but Musk did explain last year that the specifications and pricing for the Cybertruck would be different compared to what was first revealed in 2019.

With a number of American carmakers already revealing their own EV pick-up trucks, it will be interesting to see whether Tesla’s offering will still prove popular when it eventually arrives. For those in South Africa though, the prospect of an EV bakkie will likely have to come from another carmaker, as Tesla still shows no signs of expanding its reach to our part of the world.


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