More job cuts at Twitter as unrealistic deadlines are placed on remaining employees

  • This week more employees have been laid off by Twitter, despite the fact that Elon Musk said there would be no further cuts.
  • The reported cuts are to the sales and engineering teams at Twitter, with dozens of staff losing their jobs.
  • Now Musk has placed a one week deadline on the remaining team members to “correct” targeted ads on the platform.

The chaos at Twitter ensues, as this week it has been reported that more employees have lost their jobs. It is unclear precisely why, especially as owner Elon Musk assured his staff that the mass layoffs in November last year was to be the only round of firings.

As it turns out that it far from the case, with CNN noting that as many as three rounds of layoffs have occurred under Musk’s short tenure at the helm of the company.

The cuts for this latest round are in the sales and engineering teams, according to social media posts spotted by The Verge, with dozens of employees from each of the units at the company being let go. It also looks like Musk is growing increasingly impatient with those who report directly to him, as Marcin Kadluczka, an manager for monetisation engineering at the company having put out to pasture as well.

For those employees that remain, the most critical job they are being put on how adverts are served on the social media platform. As has become the norm under Musk’s “hardcore” work culture, a wildly unrealistic deadline of one week has been set out.

Something that Kadluczka and others have said is simply not possible.

With Musk still trying to court advertisers, how they will react to the constant rejigging of the platform remains to be seen. Many of Twitter’s biggest ad buyers have suspending their spending on the platform given the volatility with which features, tools, and the make of staff, is changing at the company.

Should those still at the company not be able to keep to Musk’s truncated timelines, there will no doubt be more firings at Twitter. It will therefore be interesting to see what happens when there are simply no employees left to complete the work that has been laid out, particularly as performance and stability of late has been questionable.

[Image – Photo by Mariia Shalabaieva on Unsplash]


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