Pokémon Day in South Africa: Nintendo discounts merch

  • Today, 27th February, is Pokémon Day and South Africans can participate.
  • The local arm of Nintendo is offering 10 percent off Pokémon stock.
  • The lasts for only one day and has some caveats.

Today isn’t just the penultimate day of February, it’s also Pokémon Day. Like May the Fourth it is a franchise-focused fan day that has a lot of events, including impetus to buy more from that franchise.

For its past the South African presence for Nintendo is running a sale on the Nintendo Online Store South Africa. As far as sales go it’s rather straightforward: put Pokémon items into your cart, use code “POKEMONDAY” at checkout and you should get 10 percent off of the order.

We say should because there are, as with most sales, some caveats to keep in mind. Firstly two specific exclusions are mentioned: Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Nintendo Switch – OLED Model and any Pokémon products that are already on sale.

Strangely we don’t see the Scarlet and Violet-branded OLED for sale on the store at all, so we’re not sure why that was singled out. The only OLED Models available at the time of writing is the regular version, and the Splatoon 3 Edition.

Something else we noticed is that the code definitely works, but after applying it a popup will appear stating that it is incorrect. As you can see from the screenshot below, the 10 percent discount does apply despite the error.

Those little niggles aside we scoured the store to find our favourite Pokémon products as a suggestion for anyone looking for something to buy.

Below are our picks but we highly encourage everyone to check out the rest of the store to see the full selection.

We also recommend, as always, to look around before making any purchases. The 10 percent off here is appreciated, especially on Nintendo games which rarely go on sale, but other stores both online and in person may have it for less.

That aside here are what we like, broken up into two categories – full priced (which will be applicable for the 10 percent off with the POKEMONDAY code, and discounted, which is other Pokémon stock discounted by various amounts.

Of everything listed below the one that gets our highest recommendation is the two branded versions of the Hori Split Pad Pro. These rarely go on sale but remain our favourite way to play the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. We reviewed this back in 2020 and we’re still using them after almost daily use over three years.

Fully Priced

  • Pokémon TCG Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box | R1 249,
  • Variety of boxed Pokémon games | R999 – R2 199,
  • Pokémon TCG: Silver Tempest Battle Stadium Box | R1 199,
  • PEZ Dispenser (Pikachu, Bulbasaur or Squirtle) | R39,
  • Hori Split Pad Pro (Charizard & Pickachu) | R1 299,
  • Hori Split Pad Pro (Lucario & Pickachu) | R1 299.

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