Report suggests paywall feature will be made available to TikTok creators

  • The Information has published a report regarding TikTok and the potential integration of a paywall.
  • This would allow creators to place specific videos behind said paywall and charge a fee for access.
  • Unconfirmed for now, access behind the paywall could cost $1 and up.

TikTok is looking at more ways for its creators to earn money via the short video sharing platform. This, at least, according to a report published by The Information (paywall), which notes that the ByteDance-owned application could soon be getting a paywall.

Before you uninstall the app, the paywall is for creators to place selected content behind, and potentially earn money from should viewers choose to pay to access said content.

With many creators choosing to use other platforms to host paid-for exclusive content, the addition of a paywall inside of TikTok makes a lot of sense, especially in keeping creators, as well as viewers in one place.

TikTok is yet to comment on the report at the time of writing, but it is believed that a creator could charge $1, or indeed any figure of their choosing, behind the paywall.

Along with this reported new feature, Engadget notes that some changes are in the works for the platform’s Creator Fund. This apparently in response to low payouts, with a larger follower count potentially being required in order to qualify. This would, however, also lead to larger payouts to what is currently given out, with 10 000 followers being one of the criteria for contention.

There is also talk of incentivising larger payouts for creators who make more videos closer to the newly introduced 10 minute limit.

The platform failed to directly respond to Engadget’s request for comment on the Creator Fund changes, but it is believed a test could arrive in selected markets in March.

As for the paywall, not much else has been mentioned of it at the time of writing, but it is clear that TikTok is doing everything it can in order to court more creators.

[Image – Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash]


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