[VIDEO] Unboxing the PlayStation VR2

  • Hypertext has been seeded a PlayStation VR2 for review by local distributor Gamefinity.
  • Given that it is brand new device, we thought an unboxing would be worthwhile.
  • Below we unpack this R13 499 (RRP) piece of gaming kit, with a full review also on the way.

Below you will find a video unboxing of the PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2). This latest piece of PlayStation hardware launched globally earlier this month, on 22nd February to be precise, with our review unit made possible by Gamefinity, which handles the local distribution of PlayStation-related hardware and software.

Locally, and at the time of writing, the recommended retail price on the PS VR2 is R13 999. Looking at local retailer KOODOO, it is also worth noting that the PS VR2 is still listed for pre-order. Here the company says that, “We have been notified that there might be a slight delay. We are making every effort and your PSVR 2 should be on your doorstep as soon as we can.”

The fact that we have seeded a review unit should bode well for local consumers who’ve pre-orderd, so hopefully those devices land in their hands soon.

We will have a full review of the PlayStation VR2 in the coming weeks, with reviews of some of the exclusive launch titles for the system too, including Horizon Call of the Mountain, as well as No Man’s Sky and Gran Turismo 7.

In the interim, hit play on the video below and enjoy the unboxing.

Video edited by Brendyn Lotz.


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