Batman, Star Wars, Harry Potter, NASCAR & more LEGO arrives in South Africa

  • 1st March is another release day for LEGO with dozens of sets launching.
  • South African LEGO fans can buy many of the sets right now.
  • Licences include The Batman, Ford, Star Wars, McLaren, Harry Potter, NASCAR, Disney and much more.

1st March is here and it is not just special as a new month, but also a new release window for many LEGO sets.

South African LEGO fans can now shop a massive array of new sets which have just launched from a variety of themes, both licenced and originals from the famous Danish toy company.

Below you can find a list of all the new releases, compiled by us, along with their local pricing. The links included in the list go to the online store for the LEGO Certified Store in South Africa.

We have chosen this to link to as this store sells sets at their local RRP, while many other third party retailers have their own pricing which may be higher or lower. These are here purely for convenience and these are links are not affiliated.

For more on shopping for LEGO in this country, check our our definitive guide here.

  • 43220 : Disney Peter Pan & Wendy’s Storybook Adventure | R349,
  • 41811: DOTS Hogwarts Desktop Kit | R799,
  • 41809: DOTS Hedwig Pencil Holder | 349,
  • 41808: DOTS Hogwarts™ Accessories Pack | R229,
  • 76918: Speed Champions McLaren Solus GT & McLaren F1 LM | R699,
  • 76916: Speed Champions Porsche 963 | R399,
  • 76915: Speed Champions Pagani Utopia | R399,
  • 76914: Speed Champions Ferrari 812 Competizione | R399,
  • 76420: Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament: The Black Lake | 699,
  • 76413: Harry Potter Hogwarts: Room of Requirement | R749,
  • 76412: Harry Potter Hufflepuff House Banner | R549,
  • 76411: Harry Potter Ravenclaw House Banner | R549,
  • 76410: Harry Potter Slytherin House Banner | R549,
  • 76409: Harry Potter Gryffindor House Banner | R549,
  • 75350: Star Wars Clone Commander Cody Helmet | R1 199,
  • 75349: Star Wars Captain Rex Helmet | R1 199,
  • 60361: City Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge | R1 399,
  • 60360: City Spinning Stunt Challenge | R549,
  • 60359: City Dunk Stunt Ramp Challenge | R299,
  • 60357: City Stunt Truck & Ring of Fire Challenge | R799,
  • 42155: Technic THE BATMAN – BATCYCLE | R899,
  • 42153: Technic NASCAR Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 | R799,
  • 42152: Technic Firefighter Aircraft | R1 899,
  • 42154: Technic 2022 Ford GT | R1 999,
  • 40621: BrickHeadz™ Moana & Merida | R379,
  • 40620: BrickHeadz Cruella & Maleficent | R379,
  • 40619: BrickHeadz EVE & WALL•E | R279,
  • 31140: Creator 3-in-1 Magical Unicorn | R149,
  • 31139: Creator 3-in-1 Cozy House | R899,
  • 31138: Creator 3-in-1 Beach Camper Van | R799,
  • 31137: Creator 3-in-1 Adorable Dogs | R449,
  • 31136: Creator 3-in-1 Exotic Parrot | R399,
  • 31135: Creator 3-in-1 Vintage Motorcycle | R199,
  • 31134: Creator 3-in-1 Space Shuttle | R149,
  • 11030: Classic Lots of Bricks | R899,
  • 11029: Classic Creative Party Box | R799,
  • 11028: Classic Creative Pastel Fun | R299,
  • 11027: Classic Creative Neon Fun | R299,
  • 10984: DUPLO Organic Garden | R699,
  • 10983: DUPLO Organic Market | R449,
  • 10982: DUPLO Fruit and Vegetable Tractor | R299,
  • 10790: Marvel Team Spidey at Green Goblin’s Lighthouse | R549.

That’s a long list, but there are a few that we are particularly excited about.

As you may have guessed from our header image the set we’re most looking forward to here is the Batcycle. This is the bike that appears briefly in 2022’s The Batman. The discussion of Batman has moved back to Michael Keaton as his version of the character will return in The Flash later this year, but we’re a sucker for anything in all black.

For those who prefer their bat vehicles to be squarely on four wheels, LEGO released two versions of the Pattinson Batmobile in the form of sets 42127 and 76181.

We’re also tempted to buy the new WALL•E set which is a double pack that also includes EVE. These come from LEGO’s BrickHeadz theme which is basically an attempt from LEGO to make buildable Funko Pops. The blocky art style works for WALL•E and the set is priced rather well, so we expect this one to sell well.

Where’s BTS and Rivendell?

Both LEGO fans and those who only have a passing interest in the toys will look at the 1st March releases and notice two rather large exclusions: the sets for both BTS and Lord of the Rings.

Both of these franchises are beloved the world over and their sets are greatly anticipated. While LEGO has created sets for The Lord of the Rings (and The Hobbit) in the past, BTS will be new ground for the company.

Here in South Africa these sets will be released a bit later this month:

  • 21339 | LEGO Ideas BTS Dynamite | R1 699 | Shipping in mid March,
  • 10316: The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell | R 7 999 | Shipping on 5th March.

Those a bit shocked by the price of Rivendell can see our dedicated story here which shows off everything the set has to offer with its 6 167 pieces and 15 minifigures.


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