htxt.africast – The slog that is making videogames in SA

While South Africa may love playing videogames, one might look across the vast landscape that is comprised of videogame publishers and note a distinct lack of local flavour.

Despite numerous conferences on the subject happening throughout the year, every year, there isn’t really all that much movement in the local game development space.

While there have been some success stories, there aren’t really all that many big-name local studios churning out AAA hits every year.

Is there a lack of developers? A lack of support? Are youngsters not interested in learning how to make video games?

For this week’s Africast we wanted to ask a few experts those questions as well as about the state of the videogame development market in South Africa and the African continent at large. As such we assembled a panel of experts to help shed some insight into the state of the local video game development market.

Our guests are:

  • Raymond Ledwaba – Chief executive officer, ITTHYNK,
  • Jared Brandjes – Lecturer Game Design and Game Development at Open Window,
  • Nick Hall, Chief financial officer and business developer at Yellow Lab Games.

In this africast we discuss the challenges the local sector faces, the challenges that need to be overcome and how we can stoke the fires of local video game development.

[Image – Mauro Fernandez on Unsplash]


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