Logitech M171 Wireless Mouse Review: Affordable and Costly

In recent years we have tested out a few different mouse options from Logitech. These ranged from the company’s premium offerings, as well as its devices with unique standalone features. The latest one we’re reviewing is found on the more affordable end of the spectrum in the form of the Logitech M171.

We already know what Logitech can do when it comes to feature-filled mice that deliver a top-tier experience, but how does one of its most affordable options fare?

Well we spent the past two weeks using the Logitech M171 as our daily driver to find out.

This is what we learned.

Some concessions

Retailing for a recommended R229 the M171 requires its user to make some allowances. For example its price tag means the feel may not be as premium compared to say the MX Anywhere models.

The same goes for performance, as its wireless functionality is achieved via a nano Bluetooth receiver, so built-in Bluetooth is not available, which means dual connectivity options are not available here.

The design is also rather simple and straightforward. We’re quite partial to its subtle cues, but some people might be wanting a few flourishes and the geometric textured design on the sides may not cut it, although they do add a degree of tactileness to the wireless mouse.

As such, the M171 is a no frills, no fuss kind of peripheral that is singular in its focus and use. In fact, we’d argue that its a great backup mouse say for those who work in a hybrid environment and need something they can slip discreetly into a bag and use on the go.

Speaking of which, its portability is great.

At 70.5g, including a single a AA battery, the M171 is super lightweight. Speaking of battery life, Logitech claims a new AA battery should muster up to 12 months of use. Given our review period is only two weeks, we cannot put that claim to the test, but it sure beats our usual daily driver – an older generation Apple Magic Mouse – which muster a couple of months before a swap out is needed.

To be fair though, we’re not exactly comparing apples and apples (excuse the pun) when putting the Logitech M171 against our daily driver mouse.

That said, one thing the M171 is great at is pairing, with the nano USB receiver plugging into a Type-A slot and a few seconds later the mouse is ready to do – no setup or wait time for pairing needed.

In terms of responsiveness, things get less complimentary. Perhaps there is something wrong with our review unit, but we found the M171 erratic at best. Some days there were no issues, and others it would not behave at all.

On the days when things go smoothly, the cursor travel is great, scrolling efficient, and all seems right with the world. On the off days, the lag gets so bad it makes you to switch to the notebook’s trackpad instead.

Much if this seems to come down to the sensor’s tracking, often requiring a change in surface in order to start working properly again.

This means we routinely switched between our vinyl desk pad and the melamine-covered desk itself on days when the mouse was particularly antsy.

We thought that this may have been a case of MacBook hardware not playing nicely with a Logitech accessory, or that the dongle attached to said notebook created a layer of delay, but after trying on a Windows 11-powered machine, the same issue arose.

Final verdict

The Logitech M171 is therefore good, until it isn’t. That erratic performance, regardless of how wallet friendly the price of the peripheral is, becomes harder to justify as a result.

It’s a real pity too, as we wanted to like the Logitech M171. We’re fans of its understated and simple design, it’s plug-and-play functionality, and the fact that that it is so well priced.

Unfortunately the performance, particularly on this review model, left a lot to be desired. There is therefore a real hit or miss quality to this wireless mouse, with the day’s its firing well being great and the days it is not becoming anger inducing.

As such, even at R229, the M171 is hard to recommended, regardless of how cost savvy a user you are.



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