A look at the OPPO x Rich Mnisi collaboration for the Find N2 Flip

At the end of March, OPPO South Africa launched its first Find series device and first foldable for the country in the form of the Find N2 Flip 5G. Along with bringing this new device to market, the release of the Find N2 Flip was significant for another reason, as it saw the phone maker partner with local designer and entrepreneur Rich Mnisi.

This saw the pair debut an exclusive cover for the Find N2 Flip, as well as a handful of accessories to accompany the device.

As these are limited edition, along with the fact that OPPO graciously sent these collaborative accessories are way to have a look at, we decided to detail them below too.

For anyone who has been following the rise of Rich Mnisi, you’ll know this is not the first collaboration he has mustered with an international brand, having created exclusive collections for the likes of adidas. The OPPO one, however, is one of the first he has done for such a technology-focused company.

For the phone maker’s part, it too has been engaging with several South African organisations and brands to increase the visibility and engagement of its own products. Prior to the Rich Mnisi announcement, OPPO worked in an official capacity with SA Fashion Week and local Sowetan giants Orlando Pirates.

Hopefully, then, there are more collaborations on the cards, not just for Rich Mnisi, but for other local brands and creators too.

For now though, let’s look at what the efforts for the Find N2 Flip yielded:

As you can see in the gallery above, this collaboration features its own packaging, with several little trinkets included. We start of course though, with the case, seen below, which is inspired by OPPO’s own green branding and Mnisi’s unique patterns often seen in his fashion.

The case has a textured feel to it and is nothing like the generic clear plastic cover the Find N2 Flip ships with. In fact, it has an almost 3D-printed quality to it. That said, we’re not sure whether it features enough protection should you drop the foldable, and it is therefore more of an object d’art. We found the deep green cover against the Moonlit Purple foldable to be a striking combination.

We only have one issue with the case, and that is the two holes designed to fit over the camera array. It is different to the shape OPPO used on its own clear case, so the fit is not as tight as we’d like, but again this case is more about aesthetics than practicality per se.

Moving on from the cover to the other accessories, one of which really puzzled us at first.

We are of course talking about the grey faux fur/hair moon bag seen below. Our initial thoughts were that this was a neck-warming scarf of some kind, but upon closer inspection and the discovery of a zip indicated that this was a small carrying pouch, most likely for the foldable or any other EDC items you may have.

Also included, what we think at least, is an accompanying strap, with hooks to attach these two accessories to one another. They could also be attached to the case of the Find N2 Flip, but opening it up to take calls or simply use, might be a little cumbersome.

The other notable piece added to this box comes from another local designer – Yellow Jewellery. The piece is the Freddie Necklace, and its shape is quite similar to the patterns used by Mnisi in this collaboration.

So that’s it. We currently have the OPPO Find N2 Flip 5G in for review, so be on the lookout for our review of this foldable in early May. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up against the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, which is likely what it will be compared to given the foldable clamshell designs of each device.


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