AWS launches AI startup accelerator

  • The AWS Generative AI Accelerator will run from May to July.
  • The programme will give startups access to experts, mentors and resources needed to grow a startup.
  • Startups from around the world have until 17th April to apply to be a part of the accelerator.

The likes of OpenAI and Google are leading the charge as regards making generative artificial intelligence but we can’t let two companies take over the sector.

Unfortunately, the technology surrounding artificial intelligence is as complex as it is costly so without assistance, AI startups can often struggle. To address this, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced its launching of a generative AI startup accelerator.

This accelerator will span 10 weeks and AI startups from around the world are invited to apply to attend. Applications close on 17th April and only 10 startups will be selected.

“The AWS Generative AI Accelerator provides early-stage startups in Generative AI with access to training, mentorship, and resources to scale and grow their business. In the 10-week program, 10 selected global startups will have access to sessions focused on developing business and technical skills, including driving machine learning performance, stack optimization, and go-to-market strategies.” AWS explained in a press release.

The accelerator will run from 24th May to 27th July.

The program also features an in-person kick-off event and demo day but both of these take place in San Francisco. While participants in the accelerator are invited to attend, travel and accommodation will be at their own cost.

That one hitch aside, the accelerator – which will take place largely online – presents an opportunity for the startups.

“Participants will also be matched with both business and technical mentors based on industry vertical and receive up to $300 000 in AWS credits to help them build their products and services on AWS’ stack.

As mentioned, applications close on 17th April so be sure to head to this webpage to submit your application.


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