Google wants to be more transparent with its Bard AI experiment

  • Google has added a new updates page to its Bard AI platform.
  • The page will highlight the latest features added to Bard, as well as when bugs have been fixed.
  • Google also reemphasised that it is an experiment, and aims to be transparent about what it can/cannot do.

Google is still playing catch up with Microsoft when it comes to adding conversational AI to its platforms. While the former is leaning heavily on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google has Bard, which is still bills as an experiment.

As such, it is in a constant state of flux, which is why the company recently added an experiment updates page to Bard. This page will detail all the new features that are added to the conversational AI, as well as any bugs that may have been fixed.

The purpose here, is to be as transparent about this AI platform as possible, especially as there is still some reluctance when it comes to this technology, regardless of how pervasive it may be. It would also help users better understand what Bard is, and is not, capable of, from a conversational perspective.

An example of an newly added feature is that, “We’ve updated Bard with better capabilities for math and logic.” This message also comes with the proviso that, “Bard doesn’t always get it right on math and logic prompts and we are working toward higher-quality responses in these areas.”

Other new features to the platform include, “suggested Search topics when people click ‘Google it.’ People will be able to explore a broader range of interests with more related topics,” the company adds.

While it is indeed good to see Google take these steps with Bard, it looks like rollout to regions outside of the US remains slow. This as at the time of writing, you can only sign up to be notified for access to Bard if you live in South Africa.

With Google also planning to add conversational AI to Search, perhaps slow and steady will win the race?


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