HP details new OMEN and Victus products for Spring

  • HP recently debuted a host of new products at its Amplify event.
  • These included new models of gaming notebooks, monitors, and peripherals.
  • The new gaming devices are expected to launch globally in the coming weeks and months.

Last week HP held its annual Amplify Partner conference to highlight some of the company’s new developments regarding engagement in the channel and initiatives to push sustainability. It also debuted some new hardware too, with its gaming lineup receiving refreshed devices for the new year.

More specifically HP unveiled new iterations of OMEN gaming notebooks and monitors, as well as notebooks from its Victus gaming sub brand. While we cannot detail every single new model, we are highlighting some of the noteworthy announcements from each of the three lineups listed above.

Let’s start with OMEN by HP, and the new gaming monitors, which you can see in the header above.

There are five models, each with a handful of varying sizes and display qualities among them. The headlining offering is the OMEN 27k gaming monitor.

“With one-in-four gamers using their displays plugged into a console, it adds HDMI 2.1 support, allowing for seamless, easy gameplay on next-gen consoles. It also showcases OMEN’s first-ever KVM switch to enable the control of multiple devices, be it a PC, laptop, or console, via one keyboard, monitor, and mouse. The OMEN 27k also delivers an ultra-premium experience including 4K resolution, color gamut up to DCI-P3 95%, a fast 144 Hz refresh rat, and ARGB lighting,” highlights HP of its features in a press release sent to Hypertext.

Shifting to the notebooks and the OMEN Transcend 16 Laptop is billed as a hybrid device designed to appeal to both gamers and creatives. Here HP says the Transcend 16 Laptop is specced to handle AAA titles, as well as 3D model rendering.

“Push games and applications to their limits with up to a 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900HX mobile processor and up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPUs to play the latest hits or power intensive compute work with ease. Take full advantage of OMEN Dynamic Power within OMEN Gaming Hub to precisely detect real-time CPU and GPU capacity and dynamically allocate power between the two to create extra headroom and optimize performance based on the activity occurring in the game or application,” adds HP.

Sticking with notebooks, this time of the Victus variety. For those unfamiliar with the sub brand, its devices are designed to handle heavy gaming, but are priced and specced to appeal to those who need a notebook for school or the office too.

Here the new iteration is the Victus 16 Laptop, which features with up to a 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700HX mobile processor or up to an AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS mobile processor. On the graphics side of things, up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX Laptop 4070 GPU is available, with an OMEN Tempest Cooling system integrated for good measure.

As for local availability and pricing, details on that front are still in the offing. We are still awaiting confirming of release windows for South Africa, as well as recommended retail prices for when these new devices land locally. When those are shared by HP, we’ll be sure to update our readers accordingly.


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