Latest Sony studio mic + headphones get African launch window

  • Sony has announced that its latest home studio headphones and microphone will launch in Africa from mid-May 2023.
  • The MDR-MV1 headphones were made for comfort, as well as better sound reproduction for audio mixers and sound engineers.
  • Meanwhile, the C-80 microphone is aimed at home creators like podcasters, influencers, and YouTubers with its improved mid-range sound capture.

Electronics giant Sony has announced the launch window for its latest combo of recording microphone and headphones built with sound engineers and music creators in mind.

The MDR-MV1 headphones in particular offer an open back design, which Sony says enables the reproduction of a wide sound field to be more accurate. This makes the headphones suitable for mixing and master spatial sound, such as 360 Reality Audio.

Sony’s MDR-MV1 headphones.

Sony says that the headphones’ uniquely developed driver units provide ultra-wideband playback (5Hz – 80 kHz) with natural high frequencies. This makes it easier for professionals to capture localization, spaciousness and detailed changes in sound processing. 

Featuring breathable earpads, the MDR-MV1 have been made intentionally lightweight to provide a more pleasant wearing experience, especially after a few hours of use. Finally, the headset includes a replaceable, detachable cable with machined aluminium connectors and a stereo mini-jack adapter for ease of use.

Meanwhile, Sony’s C-80 microphone was built with the home studio in mind. It is a uni-directional condenser microphone ideal for vocal/voice recording, instrumental recording, vlogging, webcasting and podcasting. This new product inherits the technology of Sony’s C-800G and C-100 microphones in a bid to make high-quality sound recording more accessible.

Sony’s C-80 microphone.

Its “Noise Elimination Construction” also prevents microphone body acoustic vibration, resulting in low noise and clear sound. A dual diaphragm configuration is also present within the C-80, suppressing sonic changes with distance (proximity effect) and allowing more stability in the vocal recording process and better mid-range capture.

“We are seeing a demand for immersive headphones aligned with the rise in spatial sound and high-quality streaming music services in the Middle East and Africa region,” enthused Jobin Joejoe, deputy managing director, Sony Middle East and Africa.

“The newly launched MDR-MV1 showcases Sony’s deep heritage in professional audio and offers a flexible and stylish new option for home or studio use. Reflecting Sony’s attention to detail and craftsmanship, these new headphones provide comfort, long-term durability and the ability to accurately reproduce sounds, so users can listen as the artist intended them to be heard.”

According to a press release sent to Hypertext, Sony’s MDR-MV1 and C-80 will be available in the Middle East and Africa region from mid-May 2023. No prices has yet to be revealed for either product as both their online South African store pages simply say “Available Soon.”

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