The Spider-Man movies are on Disney+, with one notable exception

  • Disney+ is adding a number of Spider-Man movies to its streaming platform.
  • There are, however, some exceptions, with Spider-Man: No Way Home not currently available.
  • Other locally available streaming platforms do make the latest available though.

If you had no streaming plans for the weekend, you may want to do a Spider-Man marathon. This as many of the movies are now available to stream via Disney+. The platform took to its Instagram account to confirm the news, with five movies in particular being added.

These are:

  • Spider-Man,
  • Spider-Man 2,
  • Spider-Man 3,
  • The Amazing Spider-Man,
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming.

As such, you should get your fix of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland versions of the webslinger.

If you’re noticing some absentees, you’d be right, as No Way Home is missing from the offerings. Also missing from the above list is the second Amazing Spider-Man film which featured a few members of the Sinister Six and is generally considered one of the worst films in the franchise.

A quick search of Disney+, however, reveals that is indeed available, as is Into the Spider-Verse, although No Way Home does not feature for now. It’s unclear when Disney+ plans to make the latest film available on its platform, but if you are eager to complete your marathon of movies, it is available to stream locally on competing platforms.

Here Showmax has No Way Home available to stream, with Netflix making the regular and extended cuts of the movie available too.

Either way, if your superhero of choice is a friendly part of the neighbourhood, you now have access to all movies associated to the IP.


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