A look inside The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Collector’s Edition

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is almost here! It’s just a short wait until the 12th May release date for the latest entry in the series and for those who still like to own physical copies of their games, there’s something special available for you.

While South Africa sometimes misses out on great Collector’s Editions, that won’t be the case for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as Nintendo Distributor South Africa will be bringing in a limited number of copies for this unique box set.

And the box that holds everything here is quite the sight. Decked out in a sleek black on black colourway with pops of shine thanks to the gold game logo, the Collector’s Edition box can hold all the contents on your shelf, or you can remove the items to display them separately.

For the game itself, you get a SteelBook to display it with unique, ancient art on the outside. The exact nature of this art will hopefully be revealed to players as they journey through Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom.

Also staying on steel is a unique Steel Poster from ICONART. ICONART is a pioneer in metal prints using the latest tech in printing on steel.

ICONART posters do away with the hassle of frames, mounting hardware and the fragility of traditional paper posters. Posters used to be a huge part of decorations, especially for those lucky enough to have a dedicated game room. The overall decrease in quality of paper prints and their hassle has led to a decrease in this kind of décor, which makes the ICONART steel poster all the more appealing.

The last two items in the box give you something for your clothes (or bag) and for your bookshelf.

The four-pin set gives you a unique collection of square pins to decorate your shirt, jacket, bag or anything else really. The artbook unlocks a whole new look at the world of Tears of the Kingdom with illustrations of everything you can look forward to.

Here we have some recommendations. At home, we invested in a premium cork board to display all our pins, and this Tears of the Kingdom pin set would make an amazing addition to this. Try it yourself! As for the artbook, put it on the shelf and play the game first, so you can experience the new characters, enemies, weapons, environments and more inside of the game.

Want your own Collector’s Edition? Pre-orders are now open on the Nintendo Online Store South Africa which right now.

With free shipping on orders over R999 – and shipping all over South Africa – it’s the best way to get your copy of this special version of the game to get playing when the 12th May release date rolls around.

Those in Joburg can also buy their Collector’s Edition, regular boxed version of Tears of the Kingdom or anything else The Legend of Zelda related in person. Visit the Nintendo Switch Pop-Up Zone in the Sandton City Shopping Centre.


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