Cool Ideas upping prices on Vumatel lines from 1st June

  • Cool Ideas has begun notifying customers with a Vumatel fibre line that prices will be increased as of 1st June 2023.
  • The service provider says the increases are the result of pricing changes from Vumatel itself.
  • Those wanting to cancel their fibre lines should be aware that a full calendar month’s notice must be given first.

If you are a Cool Ideas customer, the beginning of May was likely ushered in with a notification in your inbox alerting of a price change set for next month.

More specifically, Cool Ideas has begun informing customers with a Vumatel fibre line that prices are set to increase as of 1st June 2023. According to the service provider, these changes are the result of increases that Vumatel itself has brought about.

“Cool Ideas and Vumatel would like to inform you of a pricing change to your existing package coming into effect on 1 June 2023. These changes are a result of Vumatel increasing their pricing. This change will be processed automatically on your account, and you do not have to take any further action,” an email notification sent out to customers explains.

“Although price increases are never welcome, Cool Ideas promises to do their best to reduce the impact on your wallet,” it adds.

The ISP also notes that the full list of pricing changes for the update will only reflect on its website as of 1st June.

We contacted Cool Ideas regarding this situation, and while we did not receive the full list, a call centre operator did inform us that a 200Mbps/200Mbps line would increase from R1 099 per month to R1 169 per month, adding that a 100Mbps/100Mbps line would rise from R899 per month to R959 per month.

The operator also confirmed that should a customer wish to cancel their line, a full calendar month’s notice would be required. As such, as the notice was sent out on 1st May, customers would have to incur the cost for June should they cancel this week.

Lastly, we were informed that a downgrade fee would also be applicable should customers wish to move to a slower and less expensive fibre package.

Either way, customers will be forced to pay if they’re unhappy with the price increases and wish to change service providers or indeed the package itself.


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