OpenAI’s ChatGPT iOS app rolls out to more countries, no SA for now

  • OpenAI has made its ChatGPT iOS app available in more countries worldwide.
  • 34 more countries were added to the list this week, but South Africa is not present.
  • It’s unclear why, especially as neighbouring countries like Namibia and Mauritius have access via the App Store.

Earlier this month we reported on OpenAI developing and rolling out a ChatGPT iOS app for those with iPhones in the United States. At the time a wider rollout was teased, along with an Android version of the ChatGPT iOS app, but only one of those things have materialised since then.

To that end, OpenAI’s official account tweeted out this week that 34 countries have been added to the list with access to the mobile version of the generative AI platform, with 11 being announced a week prior.

Unfortunately South Africa has not made the cut, and a quick search on the local App Store for iOS reveals plenty of facsimiles, but not the genuine article.

Rubbing salt in the wounds of South African interested in accessing the platform via their iPhone devices is the fact that other African countries, and indeed some of our neighbours, have gained access to the ChatGPT iOS app. These include Namibia and Mauritius, with the likes of Algeria, Ghana, and Morocco making the cut this week.

Perhaps though we can take solace in the fact that we are not the only African technology hub not listed, as Kenya cannot be found.

There is also no word on when the Android version of the offering will become available, so for now, those interested in ChatGPT in South Africa, will need to access it via their web browser.

[Image – Photo by Mariia Shalabaieva on Unsplash]


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