What this weekend’s loadshedding schedule looks like

  • Eskom has issued a power alert detailing the expected loadshedding schedule for this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • The power utility is planning Stage 2 loadshedding for the majority of Sunday.
  • As we saw last week, Eskom was unable to keep its promises of lower levels of loadshedding.

Eskom continues to think that South Africans are gluttons for punishment as the power utility has tweeted out a new alert ahead of this weekend. As it has done for some weeks now, the Friday afternoon power alert details what Eskom is planning in terms of loadshedding for the weekend.

To that end, Sunday holds the promise of Stage 2 loadshedding between 05:00 in the morning and 16:00 in the afternoon, according to Eskom, but as we saw last week, the power utility has rarely been able to keep its promises when it comes to the schedule.

It will be interesting to see just how long Stage 2 will last on Sunday.

For the rest of the weekend, it will be switching between Stages 5 and 3, with the former being implemented during lower demand times and the latter during the peaks.

The current schedule for the weekend is as follows:

Start timeEnd timeStage
26th May 2023Currently active16:004
27th May 202300:0005:005
28th May 202300:0005:005

The power utility says breakdowns are currently sitting at 17 392MW of generating capacity, with a further 2 940MW unavailable due to planned maintenance.

As always, it has asked South Africans to use electricity sparingly, but given Winter is pretty much here, the chances of that are unlikely. To stay up to date on the loadshedding schedule in your area, we advise downloading the EskomSePush app if you have not done so already.

[Image – Photo by Marcel Eberle on Unsplash]


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