AirOne offers fibre-like wireless internet for R799 per month

  • Huge TNS has launched AirOne, an uncapped fixed wireless solution for areas where fibre isn’t available.
  • The service is backed by MTN and is said to not be dependent on line-of-sight.
  • Packages start at R799 for 50Mbps, but speeds can go up to 100Mbps.

South Africans who are shopping for an internet connection may want to take a look at Huge TNS‘s latest offering, especially if fibre isn’t an option.

That offering is AirOne, a high-speed wireless internet service backed by MTN and available nationwide. The service starts at R799 per month for 50Mbps, but speeds can reach up to 100Mbps according to the HUGE TNS’ website.

While AirOne isn’t dependent on line-of-sight, it does appear to have an impact on the service per the video below. The further you happen to be from the base station, the more dependent you will be on a clear line-of-sight to reach the advertised speeds.

Truth be told, this technology isn’t all that new, but R799 is rather affordable considering other providers can charge over R2 000 for a similar service that is more dependent on line-of-sight.

AirOne’s offering is said to be uncapped and low latency which means it should be able to handle most bandwidth hungry use cases. Customers can also easily scale their package according to their needs and an online portal allows for self-service options.

“This technology is incredible. AirOne is a viable, low latency alternative to fibre that will keep users productive, entertained and in touch even in low signal areas,” Matthew Venkatesan, Business Development Director at Huge TNS said in a press release.

“Copious amounts of the trademark Huge TNS resilience ensures this is one wireless Internet service that truly delivers on its always-on, high-speed promise,” added Venkatesan.

Of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating but considering the price, AirOne might just be worth considering if fibre isn’t available in your area.


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