Galaxy 23 Ultra: Made for epic [GAMING] at all levels

With the launch of the latest Galaxy S23 Series: the Galaxy S23 Ultra in particular – Samsung in collaboration with Qualcomm has now also introduced a powerful gaming console that fits into your pocket.

Samsung has collaborated with Qualcomm to bring exclusive features and optimisations to the Galaxy S23 Series with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset. This is to ensure that its Galaxy S23 Series come equipped with a prime version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset called the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy – to provide avid gamers a vastly different mobile gaming experience.

These days, mobile gaming requires high-performing hardware and software to provide the best gaming experience in the palm of your hand. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset is the fastest and most efficient processor in a Galaxy handset. It is now able to offer gaming enthusiasts powerful and sustained gameplay with one of the fastest mobile graphics to date.

As one of the first Snapdragon processors to use Qualcomm’s new Cognitive Image Signal Processor (ISP) – this means that as an avid Galaxy S23 user, you can now enjoy better camera performance as well. The Cognitive ISP is able to enhance your photos and videos in real-time for professional-quality camera experiences, even in dark settings.

Qualcomm has in the past released higher-clocked versions of its Snapdragom chips, however this one in the Galaxy S23 Series is a little more than just a higher-clocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. The Galaxy S23 Series also comes with greatly improved battery life. The battery capacity of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ has increased by 200mAh from the previous generation.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra in particular is powered by a 5000mAh battery and can be charged up to 65 percent in 30 minutes with a 45W power adapter. This essentially means that gamers can now spend less time worrying about their device’s battery life and more time enjoying their favourite gaming apps and activities.

Gamers can be immersed in the game action – thanks to vivid graphics and upgraded processing power. This is made possible by the upgraded graphics processing units (GPU) that is 41 percent faster than the previous model, and the neural network processing unit (NPU) required for artificial intelligence (AI) with deep learning that has also improved by 40 percent. 

The Galaxy S23 Series now offers smooth and fast response speeds even while performing (central processing unit) CPU-heavy functions, such as video calling while playing a game. This is because of the faster CPU and GPU that is able to give owners of Galaxy S23 Ultra a significant bump in gaming power, autofocus (enabled by AI), facial recognition, exposure, more on-device natural language processing and first-rate 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more.

The excellent CPU and GPU performance in the Galaxy S23 Ultra seems to stay at least a couple of degrees cooler than its predecessors. Samsung’s newer and bigger vapor chamber cooling system is basically a planar cooling device that can spread heat more efficiently than traditional copper heat pipes. Inside, vapor chambers have a liquid that evaporates into a gas and later condenses onto specially-designed surfaces, dissipating heat in the process.

Samsung has now gone even further by partnering with game engine developers (Unity and Unreal) to tune the Galaxy S23 Ultra for epic performance. Its Game Optimising Service (GOS) – emphasises frame rate stability and pacing for a pleasant gaming experience.

As gaming continues to experience a swell in popularity, gamers can enjoy immersive gaming experiences right on their Galaxy device with upgraded gaming features and functionality available on the Galaxy S23 Series and more. Samsung devices and products are not created in isolation. Now gamers can also enjoy the ability to connect to the Galaxy Ecosystem – the S23 Series integrates seamlessly with the Galaxy Watch 5, Galaxy Buds Pro2, Galaxy Tab, TV and Galaxy Book for immersive gaming.


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