Literally Me fans rejoice as Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth game in development

  • Last night Annapurna Interactive held a showcase to reveal upcoming games, one of which is Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth.
  • Details for the title are slim, but it is said to be canon and set between the events of the two Blade Runner films.
  • There is no official launch date yet, but the game is available to wishlist on Steam.

If you thought the Not-E3 announcements were done, you’re in luck as Annapurna Interactive held its Showcase 2023 live stream last night. During the event, one announcement in particular caught our eye as the developer is working on Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth.

Little is known about the game right now, but a teaser trailer was also revealed that we have embedded below.

In it, a yet-to-be named Blade Runner is describing his experiences in location referred to as the “land of the dead”. Precisely where this setting is within the Blade Runner lore remains to be seen, but one of the interesting aspects of this piece of media is that it will be canon, taking place between the events of the two cult-status films.

It is unclear if there will be any link to the TV series that is reportedly in development, but any new Blade Runner media is always a plus in our books. Also unknown at this stage is what format the game will take, with Annapurna helming the development and publishing, and having recently released a diverse array of titles like Stray and Outer Wilds.

There isn’t a launch date or window mentioned for Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth either, but it is available to wishlist on Steam already.

“Set between the original film and 2049, Blade Runner 2033 takes place after the events of the Black Out and asks: what does a Blade Runner do when there are no Replicants left to hunt?,” the Steam page for the game reads.

Annapurna has confirmed that current-gen consoles, along with PC, will serve as the launch platforms for this upcoming game. Either way, we’ll be keeping an eye on what they’re working on.


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