Sanral offers bursaries for matric and tertiary students

  • Public roads maintenance firm Sanral is offering scholarship awards and bursaries to cover the educational costs of a limited number of learners.
  • Learners from grades 8 to matric can apply for a scholarship that will cover the remainder of the 2023 school year.
  • Tertiary students can apply for a bursary that will cover all the costs involved in undergraduate and postgraduate fields related to civil engineering, human resources and supply chain management

The South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) has launched a limited number of bursaries and scholarships for the rest of 2023, with applications opening at the beginning of June. The agency is looking to support students from grades 8 to 12 and those already in tertiary education.

Sanral, which is responsible for building and maintaining roads and transport networks around the country, is one of many government agencies that offer student financial support. In January, the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure launched 70 bursaries for students interested in the fields of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering.

Sanral scholarships

South African learners in grades 8 to 12 can now apply for high school scholarship awards from Sanral. Applications are set to close on 30th September 2023 and cover a number of school-related costs.


  • “School fees and boarding school fees,
  • School and sports uniforms,
  • Books and stationery,
  • Reputable school Transport,
  • Extra lessons,
  • Registration.”

To be considered applicants will need to send in their marks for the first and second terms of the year, as the scholarships will seek to cover the third and fourth terms of 2023. A minimum of 60 percent is mandatory.

Applicants must also have a total household income of less than R550 000 per year.

Sanral bursaries

The agency is offering matriculants and those currently enrolled in tertiary students to cover education-related costs in undergraduate and postgraduate fields related to civil engineering, human resources and supply chain management.

Sanral does not indicate what academic period the bursaries are for but alludes to the fact that they are for currently enrolled students. Applications are open right now and will close on 30th September 2023, similar to the high school scholarships.

These bursaries are more complex than the scholarships and come in three options, namely full, partial and “Our Future Plans” bursaries.

Full bursaries will cover registration and tuition costs, as well as costs related to accommodation, study material and equipment and food.

Partial bursaries will cover all the above, except for study materials and food but will include access to a wellness programme.

Finally, “Our Future Plans” offers access to tutoring services and learner’s and driver’s license training.

To be considered, applicants must:

  • “Be a South African citizen under the age of 35,
  • Meet the academic requirements for your chosen course,
  • Achieve a stipulated academic average: For students at tertiary institutions: 60% overall average, for matriculants: 70% overall average,
  • Study at an approved South African tertiary institution (privately-owned universities will not be considered),
  • Intend to enrol for full-time study (not part-time or distance learning),
  • Complete an application form in full and include all necessary supporting documents.”

Below attached is the brochure for the 2023 Sanral bursary programme:


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