The Transformers roll into Rocket League today

  • After a recent reveal, Rocket League x Transformers goes live today, 14th June.
  • The bundle with Transformers cosmetics will be available until 27th June.
  • Bumblebee is the star of the show and Transformers when outside of a match.

The Transfomers hype train to help promote the new Rise of the Beasts movie continues today as a crossover with Rocket League goes live on the continually popular vehicular sports game.

Despite obviously being a way for Transformers to continue being in the public eye for the movie, the designs seen in the crossover aren’t based on Rise of the Beasts. Instead the designs here seem to be wholly unique.

We’ve read and watched a lot of Transformers over the years but, given the decades that the franchise has been around, maybe the designers did choose a specific version of Bumblebee. To our eyes this incarnation looks most directly inspired by the 2018 animated series Cyberverse. The alt mode car also reminds us of the modern / GR Toyota Supra.

Now for the big question: does Bumblebee actually transform and if so how does that work in the game? The answer is yes for the first question and, for how it works, it doesn’t happen in the game. Instead Bumblebee will transform into robot mode for a celebration animation when the player using him wins the match.

As with most Rocket League crossovers the cosmetics for this one are bought in exchange for credits, which themselves can be had for real money.

Transformers bundle (2500 credits)

  • Bumblebee Car (Dominus Hitbox),
  • Bumblebee Engine Audio,
  • Bumblebee Wheel,
  • Optimus Prime Goal Explosion,
  • Blueprint Bumblebee Player Banner,
  • Two Transformers-themed Player Titles.

Optimus Prime Goal Explosion (800 credits)

  • Optimus Prime Goal Explosion.

Transformers Player Anthem (300 credits)

  • “Transformers Theme” Player Anthem.

For more Transformers check out the short trailer promoting the crossover below, and read our spoiler-free Rise of the Beasts review here.


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