TikTok testing new shopping system in its app

  • TikTok is reportedly testing out a new shopping system called Trendy Beat.
  • It is a dedicated section in the app that will allow users to shop for clothing, with another subsidiary of ByteDance handling the shipping.
  • TikTok is not making Trendy Beat available in the US right now, but could at some stage.

TikTok is looking to compete with other ecommerce giants like Amazon and Shein, as the social media platform is reportedly testing out a new shopping system called Trendy Beat.

According to the Financial Times (paywall) Trendy Beat will serve as a separate section within TikTok where users will be able to browse, buy, and have clothing delivered to them.

It is also worth pointing out that TikTok is not really doing the heavy lifting for this, as an unknown ByteDance subsidiary will be handling many of the moving parts for this new ecommerce system.

As for where it plans to test out the new system, those details have not been shared, but we do know where testing is not happening, as the US is not a part of yet. The reason why the US has not been earmarked for testing yet, is because TikTok is currently focusing on adding new merchants to the TikTok Shop Stateside.

We also think that the recent appearances before the US Congress over its alleged ties to the Chinese government may have something to do with a reluctance to test out new offering in the United States right now.

Still we could see Trendy Beat make its way to more countries soon, as TechCrunch notes that a patent for the name has been filed in the US.

With the likes of Shein proving quite popular in SA post-pandemic, having a similar option available in the equally popular TikTok platform may prove a savvy move, especially as TikTok looks to expanding its presence in the ecommerce space.

Added to this will be the efficacy of the TikTok algorithm, which appears to be better than others when it comes to serving users viral content that they want to watch for hours on end. If you are also able to integrate an effective shopping tool to the mix, it could prove a powerful mix.

We have not even mentioned how this could be leveraged by creators, many of which have turned to selling merchandise as another revenue generator.

As such, while we’re not fans of the Trendy Beat name, it could prove to a significant addition to the features available on TikTok.

[Image – Photo by BoliviaInteligente on Unsplash]


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