Details for 2023 NAG BYOC LAN at rAge revealed

  • The NAG BYOC LAN now offers gamers an additional day at the event for a bit more money with the Super Pass.
  • The NAG BYOC LAN will now take place in its own hall but still have access to the main rAge Expo.
  • Gamers will also have access to a LAN-Only Restaurant with a diverse menu and pricing separate from the main event.

The NAG Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) LAN is an iconic event for the local PC gaming community and it will be returning to the rAge Expo 2023.

The expo takes place from 8th to 10th December at the Gallagher Convention Centre and at the same time the LAN will be happening with a few improvements.

For one, the LAN will be taking place in its own hall rather than sharing half of a hall with the rest of the expo. The organisers do, however, state that the LAN will take place “within the expo” so hopefully that means fast access to stands and events happening over the weekend.

There will also be a LAN-Only Restaurant with a “diverse menu and separate pricing” after feedback from last year’s event.

“Iconic favourites like the mini doughnut stand will remain, alongside a range of food options, including a healthy selection, and additions such as two-litre cool drinks for those super long gaming sessions,” explain the organisers.

As for loadshedding, the organisers say they are working with the venue to minimise loadshedding disruptions during the event. Given our experience from the event last year, we recommend that if loadshedding is still around that you check the schedule for the event and shut-down before power cuts as the switch over to back-up power isn’t instant at the Gallagher Convention Centre.

High-speed connectivity for the event will be covered by Clear Access with its Quark offering. Nutanix will be providing the server horsepower needed to run a LAN such as this.

“Nutanix Sub-Saharan Africa is proud to be supporting rAge and will again be providing a highly available, high performance, Private Cloud Platform based on Nutanix NCI solution to host the servers and backend systems for the NAG BYOC LAN at rAge,” says Phillip de Waal, System Engineering Manager for Nutanix in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The price of the ticket includes:

  • A chair,
  • A shared table,
  • Two dedicated plug outlets,
  • High-speed internet connection and network via a LAN cable,
  • Free access to rAge Expo.

Attendees will of course need to bring their own PC, console or notebook, monitors, keyboards, gamepads, mouse headphones and games.

As for pricing there are now two different BYOC LAN ticket variants:

  • BYOC LAN General Pass – R950 per person for access to the LAN from 06:00 on Friday 8th December to Sunday 10th December,
  • BYOC LAN Super Pass – R1 250 per person for access to the LAN from 18:00 on Thursday 7th December to Sunday 10th December.

Tickets are available through Howler and you can purchase a “custom-made Clear Access gaming shirt” for an additional R480.

“We welcome gamers direct feedback through our Discord server or via email to continuously improve the event each year. The BYOC LAN is a pure gamer passion project at rAge, and we love to see everyone there over the course of the weekend.  It’s an essential part of the rAge DNA and we’re always looking to enhance it so our gamers can enjoy it to the fullest. Without them, there is no LAN,” project director of rAge, Michael James said in a statement.


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